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Different Standards used for Fire Safe

There are different types of standards used for Fire Safe Classification. For safes it features eleven resistance grades from 0 to X. security raises almost 50% from one to next grade safes.EN-14450 is a standard for secure cabinets and strong boxes.EN-1047-1 is norm for fire resistance safes. Document safes are designed to maintain an internal temperature no greater than 177 °C and Data safes are designed to maintain an internal temperature no greater than 55 °C (131 °F) .These conditions are maintained for the duration of the test. Normal duration for this test is 30 minutes but can get extended. These safes are tested for impact by dropping from a set height onto a solid surface and then tested for fire survivability. Normally in floor safe installed in floor is resistant to fire. But not all floor safes are water resistant. Hence objects inside the safe should be placed in zip bags, sealed plastic containers.

Class 125, Class 150, class 350, are different classes under which safes are classified. Class 125 safes are used to hold non paper media such as Magnetic tapes, CD, blue ray disk. While UL standard has been tested for floppy disks same tests are not conducted with blue ray disks and latest Magnetic Media. These class safes are water proof. Class 350 safes are used to hold paper documents and it can hold the class 125 safes inside. All these classes used safes for sale today are available and can purchase through any e commerce website.

There is safe called Gun Safe which can be used to protect against unauthorized access to the gun. Typically a gun safe can be a water resistant and protected by number combinations, finger print sensors etc. There are laws in various countries regarding the gun safe. Some countries have made it mandatory to have gun safe installed in the home in order to get a gun license. Used Safes are for saleavailable in these classes of safes also. Some safes use live locking bolt technology and pry resistant metal to ensure the secure protection of its contents against forced entry.

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